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Lisa Wrake | Creative Director

Aylesbury Grammar School wanted to encourage more applications from local boys. They felt there was a clash between their public perception and the reality of their offer. They invited us to help them solve this problem by working on their brand strategy. Our research into best practice, their heritage, and what appeals to local boys and their families led us to a rebrand. We were keen to celebrate their heritage, but modernise their existing branding. The result was a sleek updating of the visual identity presented in a 50 page set of brand guidelines, and expressed over a comprehensive set of brand assets, web-design, PPT, letterheads and signage. The brand is still new, so we are yet to see the results in terms of new applications, but our client are delighted with the results and we are now working on the interior design of their new foyer to bring the brand to life for visitors to the school.

Brand strategy | Visual Identity | TOV | Signage | Brand Experience | Interior Design
2020 - Ongoing

Aylesbury Grammar School

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