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Lisa Wrake | Creative Director

Following the requests for logo development for several Borough Market sub-brands it was quickly apparent they needed consistency across the brand, a clear differentiation of the brand architecture and customer pillars, and clear comprehensive brand guidelines.

In order to provide synergy and clarity for the main Borough Market masterbrand and sub-brands, we defined the brand architecture and customer pillars so that each sub-brand, initiative and offering is distinguishable in terms of visual id and offering which led to the redesign of each sub-brand logo, colours, fonts, tone of voice and comprehensive brand guidelines. Our work also led to a full redevelopment of the website.

Validation of the brand position, new brand guidelines to inform a more clarified and validated approach to their comms plan. A refreshed visual identity, clear customer and brand pillars and obvious clarity for everyone who touches the brand (employees, suppliers, customers) which now enables the teams to move away from a siloed branding and communications approach.

We now enjoy an ongoing working relationship with Borough Market and support with design and branding.

Retail | Charity
Brand Architecture | Visual Identity
2020 - ongoing

Borough Market Subrands

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